Presentail Independence Day Note – 2019

by Raed Aridi on November 21, 2019

Lebanese Flag

Lebanon officially gained its independence on November 22, 1943. It was declared to be a final homeland for all of its inhabitants. 76 years later, we are gratefully celebrating the independence of the 10,452 square meters we call home.

This year’s Independence Day, however, has a unique feel to it. Starting on October 17, over a million citizens went down to the streets to join what has become one of the largest uprisings in the nation’s history. The most beautiful part of it all is that the people are all protesting under one flag: the Lebanese national flag.

More than ever, people have become aware of this nation and their belonging to it. They realized that, despite their differences, there is something that brings us together: our nation. We share this land, and we all deserve our basic rights. The demand for our rights has brought us together in way that was unprecedented. Many people thought that our differences and political affiliations would keep us disconnected for eternity, but the opposite proved to be true. We were united.

What’s even more heartwarming is the fact that Lebanese expats didn’t want to miss the action. They gathered together all over the world in cities like New York City and Paris to protest remotely. Despite living abroad, their hearts are with Lebanon and the Lebanese people. They’re all far from home. However, the majority of them wish they can come back here to live a stable life in their beautiful country.

This Independence Day, the collective dream of Lebanon has resurfaced in full strength. It encompasses the beautiful, peaceful Lebanon which is described in traditional songs, like those of Fayrouz. For Lebanese abroad, that dream can include all the rights and freedoms enjoyed elsewhere.

What kind of Lebanon do you dream of?

The people of Lebanon feel like this is the birth of a new Lebanon in which they have dreamt for so long. The time for change has come, and an inspiring amount of Lebanese people took part in this uprising. Some reports are saying that many expats are expected to fly in over Independence Day weekend to join their fellow Lebanese in this time of change.

What will you be up to on this Independence Day? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Happy 76th Independence Day Lebanon!

- The Presentail Team


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